FAQs: C4Paralympics coverage

  • FAQs: C4Paralympics coverage
    Olympic Stadium
Channel 4 will be dedicating  around 500 hours of on-air coverage to the London 2012 Paralympics.

The 'all day, every day' coverage during the 12 days of the London Paralympics will be the most shown in the history of the event, with multiple television and online channels dedicated to showing all the best action.

Here we answer some of your questions about our coverage. Feel free to send us more via Twitter @C4Paralympics and we'll try to answer as many as we can. 

How much TV coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games is Channel 4 offering?

- C4 is broadcasting around 500 hours in total, including around 150 hours on Channel 4 as well as three additional streams of live action on Paralympics Extra, which are available online and on digital platforms.  It is the most coverage a UK broadcaster has ever offered the Paralympic Games.

Where are the Paralympics Extra streams available?

- C4 Paralympics Extra is a new service which gives you up to three extra video feeds of action from the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

- The service will be available on the Sky, VirginMedia, Freesat and Freeview (*one extra stream only on Freeview) and online at www.channel4.com/paralympics

Why are you not covering some events live?

- Not all sports are provided live by the host broadcaster, OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) on behalf of the Games organisers.

- Channel 4 is supplementing the OBS coverage with its own cameras at several events allowing us to broadcast highlights within our coverage.

What sports are not covered live by OBS?

- We will be covering a wide variety of sports live, including action from track and field athletics, swimming, wheelchair basketball, track cycling – as well as football, judo, powerlifting, fencing, wheelchair rugby and some table tennis, sitting volleyball and wheelchair fencing.

- Archery, boccia, road cycling, equestrian, goalball, rowing, sailing, shooting, tennis and the marathons are not provided as live broadcast feeds by the host broadcaster, OBS.

What is OBS? Why don't you film your own coverage?

- OBS is the Olympic Broadcasting Services, who are the host broadcaster for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

- As the host broadcaster, OBS provides the audio and visual broadcast feeds of the Games to all broadcast organisations who have purchased the television and radio rights to the Games. The BBC also took their feeds of Olympic events from OBS.

- Channel 4 takes the feed provided by OBS and adds its own studio presentation, commentary and news-gathering camerawork.

Why aren’t there all the same cameras in place as the Olympics – eg underwater in the Aquatics Centre?

- The level of coverage is set by the host broadcasters OBS.

- Channel 4 will also be supplementing the host coverage with its own cameras on some events, including extra cameras in the Olympic Stadium, the Velodrome and at the wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby.

Will your Paralympics content be available as catch up on 4oD?

- The Paralympic Games Breakfast Show and The Last Leg with Adam Hills will both be available as catch up on 4oD.

- All our live content will be available as catch up on the channel4.com/Paralympics website in both long and short form.

Why are there advertising breaks in the coverage?

- Channel 4 is a commercially-funded public service broadcaster, and advertising allows us to continue to invest in original programming and events such as the Paralympics.

- The production team are working carefully to ensure that advertising breaks are taken at appropriate times within the coverage.

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