Jordan Jarrett-Bryan


Q & A

Q. Who do you think will be the star of the 2012 Paralympics?
A. ParalympicGB table tennis player Will Bayley.  

Q. Which event – or which athlete – are you most looking forward to watching and why?
A. Ade Orogbemi. He's one of GB's wheelchair basketball stars and played a key role in the team with their talisman out for a year injured. He's a very experienced player and can play a huge part in the team's success. 

Q. Which of the ParalympicsGB team do you think will surprise us? 
A. The wheelchair tennis team.   

Q. What aspect of covering the Paralympics are you most excited about?
A. Wheelchair basketball. I'm really excited about the boys' chances. Without putting extra pressure on them, I think anything below a final placing will be bad. The women's team can get bronze and that would be amazing. I am really excited about being a part of something new, exciting and something that is gonna be sporting and cultural history.   

Q. What is your biggest fear about the Games?
A. That no legacy will be left and that attitudes to disabled sport won't be changed.   

Q. Tell us something about another member of the C4Paralympics team.
A. I can go one better than the C4 team and tell you GB basketball player Gaz Choudhry entered a Sean Paul look-a-like competition when he had long hair and came second.

Q. The GB team won 42 golds last time, how many will they get at London 2012?
A. 35.