Kelly Cates


Q & A

Q. Who do you think will be the star of the 2012 Paralympics?
A. Oh Ellie Simonds. People already love her. Sporting excellence, charm and personality. A perfect combination.   

Q. Which event – or which athlete – are you most looking forward to watching and why?
A.The cycling. After a great show at the world para-cycling champs, this could be a really strong area for GB. So, with that in mind, I'm looking forward to seeing the Storeys - Sarah and Barney - in action. Real life couple...  

Q. Which of the ParalympicsGB team do you think will surprise us?
A.Hannah Cockroft. She's already broken her own world record and only 21 years old.   

Q. What aspect of covering the Paralympics are you most excited about?
A. That it's being covered as an event in its own right rather than as an appendage to the Olympic Games. It's important in terms of them being seen as athletes, rather than disabled athletes.  

Q. What is your biggest fear about the Games?
A. If we have a successful Games the pressure on the athletes will be huge to try and match. That's a concern about my nerves holding rather than the athletes, who I imagine will thrive on that.   

Q. Tell us something about another member of the C4Paralympics team.
A. Ade has a great nickname. I'm not revealing any more but you should totally ask him. And if he's annoyed that I know, blame Iwan!   

Q. The GB team won 42 golds last time, how many will they get at London 2012?
A. If I were spread betting, I'd buy at 42. In fact, I might just do that.