Liam Holt


Q & A

Q. Who do you think will be the star of the 2012 Paralympics? 
A. There are so many to choose from...David Weir, Ellie Simmonds, they are sure to come out on top. But my personal favourite is javelin star and friend Nathan Stephens. Let's not forget he's also made some EPIC video diaries for the Channel 4 Paralympics website!    

Q. Which event – or which athlete – are you most looking forward to watching and why? 
A. I'm most looking forward to seeing the T44 100m final - the battle between Oscar Pistorius, Jerome Singleton and Jonnie Peacock is going to be awesome!

Q. Which of the ParalympicsGB team do you think will surprise us? 
A. The women's basketball team. They had a great year in 2011 and for such a young team they're going from strength to strength. I think they'll do well in London.   

Q. What aspect of covering the Paralympics are you most excited about? 
A. Every part of it. Not to sound corny but I honestly feel so honoured to be part of it, I'm excited about the whole process. I cannot wait to get out there and start reporting!    

Q. What is your biggest fear about the Games? 
A. Generally messing up! Getting names wrong, going blank, not keeping to time, that sort of thing...   

Q. Tell us something about another member of the C4Paralympics team. 
A. I couldn't possibly drop someone else in it on their own... OK, me and Alex Brooker once did a great rendition of the Warren G song 'Regulate' at Tiger Tiger in Manchester (Martin Dougan also has an amazing voice by the way). What a talented bunch!   

Q. The GB team won 42 golds last time, how many will they get at London 2012? 
A. I think they'll definitely beat their tally from Beijing, so I'm going to say at least 50 this time around.