Montreal World Swimming 2013

Montreal 2013 schedule and results
08 Aug 2013 - 14:22 pm
  • Montreal 2013 schedule and results

The sixth edition of the IPC Swimming World Championships is under way in Montreal.


Britain has sent a team of 32 to Canada, including four-time Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds and 12-time Paralympic medallist Sascha Kindred.


There are morning heats in many of the events - which are not shown live by the host broadcaster - and the times below are for the finals, so this is when the Brits will be in finals action if they manage to qualify.


Watch live streaming of every evening session on and daily highlights on Channel 4.


You can see the full schedule on the official Swimming World Championships website, and FULL RESULTS CAN BE FOUND HERE


And check out how GB are getting on with our medal rundown.



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Ellie Simmonds GOLD 5:24.02 (S6, SB6, SM6) - 400m freestyle
Oliver Hynd BRONZE 1:05.10 (S8, SB8, SM8) - 100m backstroke
Josef Craig GOLD 4:39.14, Jonathan Fox BRONZE 4:44.46 (S7, SB7, SM7) - 400m freestyle
Susie Rodgers SILVER 5:21.15 (S7, SB6, SM7) - 400m freestyle
Hannah Russell SILVER 1:01.08 (S12, SB12, SM12) - 100m freestyle
Andrew Mullen BRONZE 38.18 (S5, SB4, SM5) - 50m butterfly
Stephanie Millward GOLD 1:04.00, Amy Marren SILVER 1.04.41 (S9, SB8/9, SM9) - 100m freestyle
Robert Welbourn 7th (S10, SB9, SM10) - 100m freestyle
Ben Proctor 5th, Dan Pepper 7th (S14, SB14, SM14) - 200m freestyle
Jessica-Jane Applegate GOLD 2:09.88, Chloe Davies FIFTH (S14, SB14, SM14) - 200m freestyle




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Claire Cashmore FOURTH, Amy Marren FIFTH (S9, SB8/9, SM9) - 50m freestyle
Sascha Kindred BRONZE 1:23.68 (S6, SB7, SM6) - 100m breaststroke
Robert Welbourn SILVER 4:09.79 (S10, SB9, SM10) - 400m freestyle
Tully Kearney BRONZE 4:42.37 (S10, SB9, SM10) - 400m freestyle
James Clegg SIXTH (S12, SB12, SM12) - 100m butterfly
Hannah Russell SILVER 1:09.42 (S12, SB12, SM12) - 100m butterfly
James Crisp FIFTH (S9, SB8, SM9) - 200m IM
Amy Marren GOLD 2:33.95, Stephanie Millward SILVER 2:40.29, Claire Cashmore BRONZE 2:41.50 (S9, SB8/9, SM9) - 200m IM
Charlotte Henshaw BRONZE 1:42.24, Ellie Simmonds FOURTH (S6/8, SB6, SM6/8) - 100m breaststroke
Ollie Hynd GOLD 2:22.76, Sam Hynd 4th (S8, SB8, SM8) - 200m IM
Stephanie Slater SILVER 2:40.73 (S8, SB8, SM8) - 200m IM





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Ellie Simmonds BRONZE 36.44secs (S6, SB6, SM6) - 50m freestyle
Andrew Mullen SILVER (S5, SB4, SM5) - 50m backstroke
Matt Walker GOLD 28.50secs Josef Craig SILVER 28.53, Jonathan Fox 7th,  (S7, SB7, SM7) - 50m freestyle
Susie Rodgers SILVER 33.84secs (S7, SB6, SM7) - 50m freestyle
Ollie Hynd GOLD 4:27.67, Sam Hynd SILVER 4:34.52 (S8, SB8, SM8) - 400m freestyle
Charlotte Henshaw 6th (S8, SB6, SM8) - 400m freestyle
Jack Bridge 7th (S10, SB9, SM10) - 100m breaststroke
Harriet Lee SILVER 1:18.88 (S10, SB9, SM10) - 100m breaststroke
Aaron Moores BRONZE 1:03.18, Jack Thomas 5th (S14, SB14, SM14) - 100m backstroke
Jessica-Jane Applegate BRONZE 1:08.90, Chloe Davies 4th (S14, SB14, SM14) - 100m backstroke





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Harriet Lee 5th (S10, SB9, SM10) - 200m IM
James Crisp 4th, Sam Hynd 6th (S9/8, SB8, SM9/8) - 100m breaststroke
Claire Cashmore SILVER 1:21.23, Steph Slater 5th (S8/9, SB8, SM8/9) - 100m breaststroke
Jonathan Fox GOLD 1:09.66 (S7, SB7, SM7) - 100m backstroke
Andrew Mullen SILVER  3:08.64 (S5, SB4, SM5) - 200m IM
Hannah Russell SILVER 28.19secs (S12, SB12, SM12) - 50m freestyle
Sascha Kindred GOLD 2:41.82 (S6, SB7, SM6) - 200m IM
Ellie Simmonds GOLD 3:04.41 (S6, SB6, SM6) - 200m IM
Susie Rodgers, Claire Cashmore, Stephanie Millward, Amy Marren GOLD 4:27.95 - 34pt free relay



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James Clegg BRONZE 4:21.76 (S12, SB12, SM12) - 400m freestyle
Hannah Russell BRONZE 4:50.23 (S12, SB12, SM12) - 400m freestyle
James O’Shea 4th (SB5) - 100m breaststroke
Stephanie Slater SILVER 2:40.73 (S8, SB8, SM8) - 100m butterfly
Josef Craig GOLD 1:01.74, Jonathan Fox 5th (S7, SB7, SM7) - 100m freestyle
Susie Rodgers SILVER 1:13.07 (S7, SB6, SM7) - 100m freestyle
James Hollis 5th (S10, SB9, SM10) - 100m butterfly
Scott Quin 5th, Aaron Moores 7th, Dan Pepper 8th (S14, SB14, SM14) - 100m breaststroke
Nicole Lough BRONZE 1:20.30 (S14, SB14, SM14/15) - 100m breaststroke





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Matthew Walker 5th (S7, SB7, SM7) - 50m fly
Susie Rodgers SILVER 36.76 (S7, SB6, SM7) - 50m fly
Hannah Russell GOLD 1:08.72 (S12, SB12, SM12) - 100m backstroke
Andrew Mullen 4th (S5, SB4, SM5) - 100m freestyle
Tully Kearney 8th (S10, SB9, SM10) - 100m backstroke
Ellie Simmonds 4th (S6, SB6, SM6) - 100m backstroke
Amy Marren GOLD 1:10.07 (S9, SB8/9, SM9) - 100m butterfly




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James Crisp SILVER 1:03.83, Morgyn Peters 6th (S9, SB8, SM9) - 100m backstroke
Stephanie Millward GOLD 1:10.56, Amy Marren SILVER 1:10.98 (S9, SB9, SM9) - 100m backstroke
Ellie Simmonds GOLD (S6, SB6, SM6) - 100m freestyle
Andrew Mullen 5th (S5, SB4, SM5) - 50m free
Dan Pepper SILVER 2:18.30, Ben Proctor BRONZE 2:28.43, Jack Thomas 6th (S14, SB14, SM14) - 200m IM
Jessica-Jane Applegate SILVER 2:32.54, Chloe Davies BRONZE 2:32.83 (S14, SB14, SM14) - 200m IM
Josef Craig, Oliver Hynd, Jack Bridge, James Hollis - 4th - Men's 34pt medley relay
Stephanie Slater, Claire Cashmore, Stephanie Millward, Amy Marren GOLDWomen's 34pt medley relay


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