About Bob

Bob will make his Paralympic debut at the Sochi Winter Games.

He started playing wheelchair curling in March 2007 and immediately took to the sport, making his international debut at the 2013 World Championships in Sochi.

Among his career highlights to date is victory at the 2013 Scottish Championships.

Bob is coached by GB head coach Tony Zummack.

Q & A with Bob

  • Q
    How do you train to be a wheelchair curler?
  • A
    We’re down the gym once or twice a week where we work on a lot of weights, pushing exercises that simulate curling and cardiovascular exercises.

    Then we have two or three ice sessions at week which last for six or seven hours at a time. We’re on the ice about 20 hours a week.
  • Q
    Do you think the other teams in Sochi have one eye on Great Britain?
  • A
    I think there are teams that are looking at us thinking we’ve done really well.

    We’ve been to five finals out of the last five, won three of them and we’ve beaten everyone out there apart from China.