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Davies looking forward to some twisting and throwing

Davies looking forward to some twisting and throwing
Aled Davies

“Some people say they’re quite similar, just twisting around and throwing something” jokes Aled Davies when asked about competing in both the discus and shot-put. But as the F42 world record holder in both events, he probably puts a bit more thought into it than that.

On top of those world records, Davies is looking to do the ‘triple-double’ in July’s World Para Athletics World Championships and is glad to be competing in both events after the F42 discus was taken off the Rio 2016 programme.



But not being one for just competing, the Welshman’s on a ruthless pursuit of domination with rapidly increasing distances thrown - learning from the likes of Olympic discus champion, Ryan Crouser, and competing alongside Olympic silver medallist, Joe Kovacs.

“I’ve been pushing both disciplines anyway, at World Championship and European level - so I’m excited to see how far I can go.”

On the ins and outs of those two twisting and throwing events, Davies wasn’t in the mood to get too technical on us.

“With shot, I can just get nasty and hammer it. But with discus I actually have to relax and technically execute a process. So yeah, I can be two different people in two different events. Jeckyll and Hyde.”



Every night on Channel 4 you’ll be able to catch highlights of the World Para Athletics Championships from the London Stadium, including Aled Davies’ attempts at a triple-double of World Championship titles.