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Richard ready for Reardon

Richard ready for Reardon
Whitehead Rio

Richard Whitehead's upping the ante in his rivalry with Australian sprinter, Scott Reardon, challenging him to "show me what you've got" ahead of the World Para Athletics Championships this July.

On Reardon, Whitehead couldn't resist stoking some of that British-Australian sporting tension.

"Me and Scott have got a bit of a rivalry going on with the 100m, he got used to racing me over 200m but decided after coming fourth or fifth a couple of times he didn’t want to do that anymore and focused solely on the 100m."

Whitehead's consistently won gold in the 200m T42 at Paralympics and World Championships but is now looking to add a 100m T42 gold to his collection after a storming second fifty metres saw him charge through the field to within seven one-hundredths of Reardon in Rio last year.

"Myself and the team have been working on getting those one percenters to make sure I’m on top of the podium. I’ve gotten faster and I feel I’m in the best shape I can be in the gym and on the track so let’s see what the World Champs hold."

Set your alarms for 8.09pm on Monday 17 July, the scheduled time for the 100m T42 final in London. And if you want to be part of Whitehead's home crowd, we've got specially discounted tickets for the World Para Athletics Championships set at £9 for adults and £3 for kids available here.